Rx Readings

If we don’t know from whence we came, we cannot know who we are and where we are going.

This is the initial list of books that we at Health of the Nation believe can form the foundation for an understanding of our history and the long journey we have taken as a democracy and a republic. This journey has been arduous, tortuous and bloody but it has produced, inarguably, the greatest society in modern history. Out of many we are one and our strength is in our American character, our desire to better ourselves, our children and our posterity in a country that fosters and celebrates this yearning that has fostered American Exceptionalism.

These books trace the birth and development and growth of that character from the time of the Founding Fathers until recently. The knowledge and information they impart form the factual foundation for any discussion of American politics or social issues. You are, indeed, entitled to your own opinion, and at Health of the Nation, we welcome those opinions, but sadly, you are not entitled to your own facts.

The majority of these books deal with American history, though some also deal with other subjects of modern history. There are some works relating to societal issues ( especially the excellent works of Stephen Carter). We have elected to begin the introduction of those issues in this initial list volumes. Later we will add works that deal with the social issues fostered by Academia, The First Ammendment, The Supreme Court, Race, Immigration, Healthcare and a host of other social issues that form the basis of today’s American Discussion. These additions will occur over time and will be added on a monthly basis. The links are directly to Amazon and the book in question.

Remember, an ill-informed Public is the greatest threat to the survival of a republican democracy. We hope you enjoy the wonderful historical journey that is America.